Why Sioux?

A company with a soul!

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Find a place where you could involve in challenging and inspiring projects, boost your self-growth and create an impact for a better world.

Sioux Group | The Netherlands

We Bring High-Tech To Life Globally

Sioux Group (www.sioux.eu) was founded in 1996 in the Netherlands. It's located at the heart of Smartest Region of the World. With over 600 engineers, Sioux is committed to adding values to its clients and building innovative solutions, contributing to a smarter, safer, healthier, more enjoyable and more sustainable society. Sioux has been rewarded as an employer of choice:  Best ICT company to work for and great place to work with.

You can check out our organization on our corporate Sioux Europe website.


We bring high-tech to local community

Sioux High Tech Software was proud to be established in 2012. We develop and deliver globally high-quality software applications (Windows, Mobile platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Web) for many international tech giant enterprises. At Sioux, we believe in the power of sincere interest in people. That’s why people development is always our utmost strategy.

Shall we hear a story?

 "The colleagues at Sioux always take care and look after each other, which makes me feel at home. This differentiates Sioux from other companies in the field. 

And it’s also worth mentioning that Sioux regularly organizes events, connecting people in the company and strengthening the sense of community among employees. 

On top of that, I really love the fridge at Sioux office because it is filled with good food and beverages all the time, which means my stomach is always taken care during a long working day."

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We do tech-charity as gifts for our local community !

You can count on us of making Danang, a bit smarter city!

Students / Internship

Sioux, a proven destination to unleash your potentials

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At Sioux, we are offering interesting internship assignments with a variety choice of technologies under our selection of great mentors for you!

As a new grad, you will be trusted with diverse, critical challenges, and you'll be empowered to build tools, features, and useful apps, often from scratch. During your internship as an Sioux Intern, we'll provide the support, mentor-ship, fun, and real international experience to accelerate your learning and you have a high chance to become our official members after completing your internship successfully. 

Don't hesitate to 'seal' your internship seats at Sioux at this opportunity or drop an email to our team: jobs@sioux.asia

How to contact us?

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Sioux High Tech Software Ltd.

#We together bring high-tech to life

Address: 10th Floor, Petrolimex Building, 122 2/9 Street, Danang, Vietnam